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Enrollment Verification Request
Obtain an enrollment verification certificate from: National Clearinghouse.

Academic Petition
Academic petitions are used generally after consulting with your counselor/advisor and when a unique academic problem is identified (often having to do with meeting graduation requirements). The Academic Standards Committee hears and acts on unique academic appeals and formulates policy recommendations on repetitive academic appeals.

Suspension Appeal
To appeal an academic, financial aid GPA, financial aid credit completion, and/or financial aid maximum timeframe suspension at RCTC.

Appeal Deadline Dates:

Academic Appeal

Summer Session 2019: Before start of requested classes
Fall Semester 2019: 08/22/2019
Spring Semester 2020: 01/09/2020

Financial Aid Appeal

Summer Session 2019: 06/21/2019
Fall Semester 2019: 09/20/2019
Spring Semester 2020: 02/07/2020

Max Time Frame Appeal

Summer Session 2019: 06/21/2019
Fall Semester 2019: 09/20/2019
Spring Semester 2020: 02/07/2020

Change Contact Information
By filling out this form you can change your address, if you are unable to change it on the MinnState eServices web portal. Return it to the Admissions & Records Office. If you need to mail it in return it to RCTC Admissions, 851 30th Avenue SE, Rochester, MN 55904.

Credit for Prior Learning Form (Credit of Exam, Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio)
Complete this form and submit it to the Admissions and Records office to request Credit by Exam or Credit for Prior Learning Portfolio credit. Include your Prior Learning Portfolio and documentation when you submit the form.

Course Repeat Form
If you have repeated the same course at RCTC please complete the form and turn it into the Admissions & Records Office.

Domicile / Residency
Students who have lived in Minnesota for one full year, and who did not move to the state for the purpose of attending college, may appeal for in-state tuition rates by demonstrating domicile in Minnesota before the beginning of any academic term.

Fresh Start
Allows students to improve their GPA by excluding certain detrimental grades from the GPA calculation. See: Policy 3.17.7

Grade Appeal
If a student believes, for reasons of arbitrariness and/or error, the criteria and procedures were not followed as described in class syllabus, the student shall have the right to appeal the final grade. Students need to print out and complete this form within thirty (30) calendar days following grades being posted. See: Policy 3.8.1.

Graduation Application
Graduation candidates must apply for graduation no later than the 30th day of the semester in which they will graduate.

Graduation Commencement Participation RSVP
Graduation candidates must have applied for graduation in order to RSVP for the commencement ceremony.

Incomplete Grade Request
Students may request and enter into a formal agreement with course faculty if student was unable to complete all requirements by the end of a course but completed a signficant amount of coursework.

Informed Consent / Release of Data
Student records are privacy protected by law (learn more about data privacy). Students wishing to allow another person to access their private records may do so by completing this form.

Major Change
A form for adding new majors or dropping ones you are currently enrolled in.

Supplemental Student Data Form - Complete this form and submit it to the Admissions and Records Office after you have been admitted to the college.

Transfer Credit Equivalency Request - Some transfer courses may need to be reviewed by the respective academic department before equivalency can be awarded. To have a course evaluated for equivalency to a specific RCTC course, submit this completed request along with the necessary supporting documentation listed below to the Admissions Office.

Transcript Retrieval Request
Complete the form to have RCTC pull your transcripts from MinnState institutions electronically. Submit form to the Admissions office.

Transcript Status
Allows students to check to see if we have received previous college transcripts or final high school transcripts.

Program Applications:

Foundation Scholarships Application:

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