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Charge Point

With an increase in EV cars at the campus, I would like to recommend an update on the Charge-point station to have two stations for charging cars. I come from Owatonna and had good luck last year with having the charge station available every time I came to Campus. Today I came to campus and the station was taken and I am left with only 5 miles of EV and waiting for the other car to finish charging. I would appreciate this issue to be looked into. Thank you.

Additional resources needed (i.e. money, people, technology): An updated Charge-point with two chargers or an additional charge point location on campus.


Earlier Alert Course Readiness Communication

The early alert system is set up really nicely to contact students and advisers during the semester, and it is awesome that faculty can check a students course readiness to be sure the students have the appropriate prerequisites. It would be nice if there was an easy way to contact an adviser or the student through the Early Alert before the semester starts if an instructor suspects a student was placed in a class that might not be the correct fit for them. The earlier we can alert the students that there may be an issue, the easier it will be to get them moving in the right direction. Adding a contact the adviser button on the course readiness data page might help us expedite the communication.

Additional resources needed (i.e. money, people, technology): The technology department would have spend extra time to add the button.

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