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Value our Diversity

I spoke to Kay Hocker from the diversity council the other day and she was describing diversity within the Rochester Public Schools. Kay described how many ethnicity’s and languages ares spoken there. This information peaked my interest in our RCTC community. Would it be possible to learn information like how many countries and languages represent our RCTC family? I feel that it would be a great way to understand and give those individuals a chance to share their culture. I contacted the Diversity Council and they stated that there are 80 languages from 71 countries in the RPS school district. Pretty amazing.

Additional resources needed (i.e. money, people, technology): Not sure.


Jeremy Sell (tech specialist)

I think a “live chat” feature added to our website may be a useful addition for students that are “out of area” or would prefer non face to face communication. (as many do today).

Additional resources needed (i.e. money, people, technology): Welcome center personnel could possibly monitor and operate the live chat feature. This actually may reduce the number of actual “face to face” visits to the welcome center. Technology required would be the computers which are already in place loaded with chat interface software and the addition of a headset for communication.

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