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  1. Sara Kling-Punt says:

    This button is a great addition!

  2. Donald Supalla says:

    I’m liking it! Could be the latest BUZZ on campus when it goes live.

  3. Thomas Yung says:

    I think we need to see examples of ideas for each of the six categories. Maybe have a help page that explains what it means to post an idea to a particular category such as RCTC Family.

  4. Thomas Yung says:

    I think that it is better to make idea submissions post to the website immediately. It is a better user experience. Making the submitter wait up to two days for their idea to show up might turn them off. If something is not appropriate, we can take it down very easily. Just my humble opinion.

  5. Jenee McGurren says:

    I think there needs to be another category that’s a “catch-all” for ideas that don’t fit into the established ones there…maybe simply titled “other ideas”. The idea I am submitting I don’t think really falls within any of the ones listed so I’m just going to skip that section. I’m thinking that’s why there’s an “uncategorized” section that shows under categories?

  6. Alan Charon says:

    There is an RSS feed for comments on individual ideas, but is there an RSS feed we could subscribe to so we would know when a new idea is posted?

  7. Thomas Yung says:

    RSS feeds are available for every page on this site. You can copy the URL from your browser and paste it into your favorite RSS reader. Alternatively, you can also subscribe from within your Idea Hive profile page.

  8. Pam Whitfield says:

    I have tried for 30 min to upload an idea. The tool is not working (and I’m using a campus computer). Please fix.
    April 18, 3:30 pm

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