RCTC – The Idea Hive

We want your ideas!

How it works

The Idea Hive is a place to share, comment, and collaborate on ideas that have a positive impact on our college community.

  • Got An Idea? Submit your idea on our form and follow the step-by-step process.
  • Browse Ideas to find out what others have posted, vote, and comment on ideas.


  • We want to start making an impact right away. Submit an idea that can be implemented within four months.
  • Your idea should be one that seeks solutions to areas within local decision-making.
  • Be creative and thorough, but concise; you are allowed up to 150 words to describe your idea.
  • Be appropriate. Be respectful.
  • Do not use for work order maintenance or Help Desk issues.
  • Having trouble getting started? Need an idea? Check out RCTC’s strategic goals.

The Process

  • After you submit your idea, it will be open for voting and commenting by colleagues for 20 working days. Note: You cannot edit your idea once submitted, but you can post comments for further clarification.
  • After the commenting period is closed, your idea will be reviewed by the Idea Hive team and shared with the appropriate all-college committee.
  • The designated committee will consider your idea and take action to plan and implement your idea.
  • Throughout the process, you will receive e-mail notifications detailing progress made.


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