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What’s New

Here are the new features and enhancements that have been deployed onĀ May 2, 2011:

When browsing all ideas, you can now sort by most votes.

With the Action Tracker status, “Under Review” has been renamed to “Referred” in order to more accurately represent the action that has taken place.

When browsing ideas, you can filter ideas by Action Tracker Status.

When viewing an idea on it’s own page, there is now an option to share a link to the idea with others via Email, Facebook, Twitter, and many more social networking sites.

If you are a member of a committee responsible for reviewing ideas and taking the next steps, a workflow has been created to facilitate that process, and to ensure progress is being made. The link is available from your Idea Hive profile page.

When a committee has updated the status of an idea that you submitted, an email notification is sent to you automatically. The original idea on the website is also updated to reflect the progress being made. When an idea enters the Committee Consideration phase, you may be invited to participate in any decision making sessions.

In addition to all these new features, numerous bug fixes and security updates were also applied.

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